Economic development effort necessary

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 30, 2002

What’s ahead for economic development in Pike County? It’s a legitimate question that many people are asking these days.

We know that leaders in Troy, Banks, Brundidge and Goshen have agreed to

increase funding for what is likely to become an economic development

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We know that the Pike County Chamber of Commerce has been restructuring

itself for more than a year to accommodate such a shift in focus.

We know that several local leaders will travel to Montgomery next month to

seek state experts’ advice on how to best structure an authority in Pike


And we know that economic development is more than just a ‘catch word’ for

our community.

An enhanced economic development effort is a necessity. Our community needs a

structured vehicle for recruiting and keeping new economic prospects to Pike

County. We need a focused effort, one which builds on the well-established and successful informal partnerships that have served Pike County and its

municipalities well for many years.

We need to structure that effort in a way that provides accountability, input

and effectiveness. And we need to demand all of that from whatever authority

is created and whomever governs and works for that authority.

And we need to fund this effort; economic development, in the truest sense of

the word, isn’t free. It’s an investment in our community; in our future; and

in ourselves. And we need to realize that.

Many of our local leaders have done just that — leaders like the elected

officials in Banks and Goshen, who for the first time have stepped up to

contribute to the economic development effort. And leaders like those in

Brundidge and Troy, who agreed to increase Chamber funding to help create

this authority.

Now, we need to work together to create the most effective authority

possible, one which capitalizes on the partnerships created by the funding

sources and one which benefits us in Troy, Banks, Goshen, Brundidge and,

ultimately, all of Pike County.

Many questions lie ahead, but it is important that we look ahead with a united eye and a shared vision for the future.


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