Troy police add new patrol car, officers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Messenger Intern

The Troy Police Department has been getting a few ideas from California law enforcement agencies.

This idea pertains to a black and white Camero that will be used to specialize in traffic problems.

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The Troy City Council unanimously approved to fund the new idea, which will place behind the wheel an officer who specializes in the traffic sector of law enforcement.

"I think this will show that Troy is innovative, that we have a little humor and class about us," said Chief Anthony Everage.

Everage said he had been communicating with agencies in California, where they have also been trying Mustangs in their pursuits to solve traffic situations.

The Camero was chosen as the car of choice due to its ability to mix into traffic until it is seen up close, and because it rides low to the ground.

Everage said they have been getting complaints an increase in drivers running red lights and speeding in excess 90 mph, which will inevitably lead to more fatalities.

The new Camero would be a less expensive operating vehicle that would also look good in parades, said Mayor Jimmy Lunsford.

"It will be a high-profile car that will impress upon people that we are serious about enforcing the law here," Lunsford said.

The mayor assured the council during the work session that there would not be anyone "hotdogging" the car.

The car will cost $24,217, but it will not be ready for patrol for another month because the police lights will need to be added.

The TPD also received a three-year grant to add two more officers to the department. The grant is federally funded with $133,077 and matched locally with $45,359.

At the council meeting it was also announced that a city employee has joined the ranks of the elite group of certified municipal clerks, which is a finite group of 134 other Alabamaians.

Alton Starling, the City Clerk/Treasurer of the City of Troy was recently awarded the prestigious designation from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks for achieving its high educational, experience and service requirements.

Johnny Williams, the athletic director at TSU, made a guest appearance to show the council an update on Memorial Stadium’s renovation.

The first step, he said, will be to move the track to another location so as to create an atmosphere better suited for watching the game. However, moving it will entail it first being moved, a procedure that is expected to take about six months.

This means the on-campus track will be temporarily unavailable the public.

"We just want people to bare with us for the next six months, because, in the end, we think this will be an improvement for the community as well as progress for the athletic department," Williams said.

The new track, which will also be the new home for the TSU girls soccer team, is expected to be ready in late October or November, according to Williams.

The track will also be made with a thicker surface, which will be easier on the legs of local exercise enthusiasts.

The public will also notice the beginning of construction to the eastside of the stands.

Also, 25 of the 27 luxury skyboxes have been sold to the usual suspects as well as new donors.