Rodeo queen:

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Kasee Carter looks to make her mark at Junior Rodeo State Finals in Montgomery


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When Debra Davis was a youngster, all she wanted was a horse. No matter how much begging or how much pleading or how many letters she wrote to Santa Claus, her wish didn’t come true.

When she was old enough, she got a job at Ingram’s Curb Market and earned enough money to buy her very own horse.

Remembering that, when her niece, Kasee Carter, started dreaming of a horse of her own, Aunt Debra bought her one and walked it down Orange Street and gave it to her.

So, it’s a safe bet that Aunt Debra will be in the stands this weekend when Kasee competes in the Alabama Junior Rodeo Association State Finals at W.O. Crawford Arena in Montgomery.

Kasee earned a spot in the state finals by competing in, at least, half of the rodeo events during the past year.

She has competed in Cullman, Stockton, Foley, Atmore and Montgomery and in Jay, Fla. She has also ridden exhibition in the Boots and Barrels Rodeo and the Pike County Cattlemen’s PCA Rodeo at Cattleman Park.

Kasee’s events are barrels, goat tying and pole bending.

That’s quite a hefty load for a rodeo rookie but, for Kasee, it’s all in a day’s fun.

"When I was about 3 years old, I started going out to Aunt Debra’s and riding horses," Kasee said. "I like to ride all the time and, when Aunt Debra asked me if I wanted to join the junior rodeo I said, ‘yes.’"

Kasee’s rookie rodeo season started in November 2001 in Jay, Fla.

"I ran barrels, but I didn’t do so good," she said. "I ran about 22 seconds and everybody else was running about 18."

Kasee is an optimist so she knew four seconds is not a lot of time to shave off a score, especially when she had a horse like Duke and a trainer like Aunt Debra.

Kasee was committed to the task before her and she never considers practice "work."

Every minute she spends on horseback is pure pleasure, she doesn’t even mind the washing and the grooming. Cleaning out the stall, however, she could do without.

With the encouragement and support of her mom and dad, Deedie and Kenneth, and sister, Andrea, Kasee has become a dedicated rodeo rider.

She has expanded the number of event in which she competes from one to three.

"I run barrels, do pole bending and goat tying," she said. "Goat tying is my favorite because it’s got a lot of action. But, it’s hardest, too."

Kasee said she loves to "pick ’em up and throw ’em down."

"You just have to jump off the horse and grab the goat and throw it down and tie it up," she said. "If the goats kind of crazy, it’s real hard, but if it’s been tied a lot, it’s not so hard."

Kasee is working hard to add another event to her rodeo resumé – break away roping.

Kasee’s uncle Lamar Davis has helped her with the rope and she’s improving with every throw she makes.

"You just have to rope the calf, you don’t have to throw him down like you do the goat," she said, with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

There might be disappointment at the lack of action in the rodeo arena but there is not fear for Kasee.

"Well, one time, in my second rodeo,

I was going to tie the goat and, when the horse stopped, he kind of bumped me in the saddle and that scared me a little, but I got off and tied the goat anyway. But, that won’t scare me anymore."

And, Kasee plans to be in the thick of things when it comes to the rodeo. She has no fear of riding and no fear of losing, but her dedication is to winning.

"Right now, I’m in fifth place for rookie of the year, but I won’t get that," she said. "My friend is in first place and she’s way ahead of me – real far ahead of me."

So, Kasee’s riding for the future. If she wins, that’s great, but, right now, she’s learning and, when she’s learning, she will lose along the way, but she’ll learn from each "no time" and learn from each victory.

"And, one day, I want to ride in college," she said. "I want to be on a college rodeo team real bad."

She wants it so much that she said she’s willing to give up her second sports love for the chance.

"Both are fun, but you don’t play softball on horses," Kasee said, laughing.