Local singer honored by council

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Messenger Intern

One of Alabama’s most unforgettable faces can be see around town.

She can be seen singing for the governor or even for a small group of people eating lunch downtown.

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And she was seen Tuesday night at the Troy City Council meeting when the Council announced that Sheila Jackson was named one of Alabama’s "Ten Most Unforgettable Faces."

When most people hear Jackson’s voice, they never forget it, and it is that unforgettable voice that has made her face unforgettable too.

When Jackson received the letter notifying her of the award, she said she was "tripped out."

The tourism office nominated Jackson for the award.

Also at the meeting, a role model orientated organization will run out of grant money from the state in September and has asked the Council to take on the funding as a city project.

The request is for $5,000 a year.

After project director Terry Watkins and a few teen advisors made the request for the City, the Council said it would look on the proposal "favorably" when the budget is revised.

Teen Advisors, a program that spins off of Abstinence In Motion (AIM), is a program that uses teenagers to positively influence younger people.

"We have some great kids. All it takes is getting them motivated and then there they go," said Terry Watkins, director of AIM.

The participants, some of who come from Charles Henderson High School, counsel younger teenagers and pre-teens on abstinence and drugs, among other things that thrive on peer pressure.

"We teach them that being in the in crowd is not always the best place to be. I feel like I am having a good impact on younger kids," said Luke Jones, a senior at CHHS who is a teen advisor.

All Council members passed the resolution to appoint Charles Meeks to represent Troy on the Southeast Alabama Gas District Board.

"I know I have some big shoes to fit into. I know I can’t learn everything [Mayor Jimmy Lunsford] knows in two years, but hopefully he will share some of his knowledge with me," said Meeks, who will serve a two-year term on the board.

Meeks will be taking Lunsford’s place on the board.

According to Lunsford, the SAGD made gas "less expensive and more reliable."

"Since the creation of SAGD, we’ve been able to give service to people in a wide area. We’ve saved enough per year to take care of the debt on the pipe line," he said.