Low voter turnout expected

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Messenger Intern

A low voter turnout is expected for today’s primary election.

"I will be surprised if the voter turnout is more than 25 percent and that is not very high," said Probate Judge Bill Stone.

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"The gubernatorial race and the two amendments are going to attract some interest, especially with the governor race attracting so much attention. That will help a little bit.

"But, because this not a local election, there will probably not be a big turnout," Stone said.

The Education Trust Fund Rainy Day Account and the abolishment of the office of constable will be voted on today.

The only local election on the ballot will be for the Republican Party state executive committee, which will run between Bruel A. Davis and Debbie Davis Fortune.

Voting starts in 27 locations tomorrow at 8 a.m. and will end at 6 p.m.

Stone said voting times vary from county to county and it is not unusual for people who are watching Montgomery TV stations to be confused.

Aside from lack of interest and some time confusion, Stone is also worried voters will not know where to cast their votes.

"There are no major changes that the voter will see. The biggest concern I have on the eve of the election is whether voters have looked to see where to vote.

"Voters may find they have to go to a different precinct and that is relatively new. I would recommend that anyone who has questions about where to vote to contact the office of registrars. Some people may find they are not registered to vote where they once were," Stone said.

About 6,000 of Pike County’s registered voters have been reassigned to new precincts. The distracting lines have been moved within the past several months, so even if a person was able to vote in a certain location on for the March 12 school tax, the same person may not be able to vote in the same location today.

Stone said this does not affect the majority of voters.

For example, Linwood voters will be moved to Saco, and voters from Flemmings Store in Shiloh will be moved to Militant Pillar Ground of Truth Church of God in Pronto.

The redistribution of voters was done in Pike County in accordance to Alabama law.

All voters need to bring is their opinions, because Alabama does not have a voter identification law.

Anyone with any questions should call 566-1757.

The 27 precincts will vote in the following locations: Precinct 1- Troy Community Complex, Precinct 2- Meeksville Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 3- China Grove Building, Precinct 4- Hamilton Cross Roads, Precinct 5- Needmore/Childs Grocery, Precinct 6- Troy Adams Armory, Precinct 7- Saco Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 8- Ebenezer- CO Building, Precinct 9- Josie- Co Building, Precinct 10- Enon- Co Building

Precinct 11- Church of God MPGT, Precinct 12- Banks City Hall, Precinct 13- Park Memorial Church, Precinct 14- Brundidge-Haisten Building, Precinct 15- Tennville-Trawick’s Sign, Precinct 16- Tarentum-Community Clubhouse, Precinct 17- Springhill Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 18- Little Oak- Co Building, Precinct 19- Brundidge-Galloway Road, Precinct 20- Springhill-Housing Authority, Precinct 21- Pike County Courthouse

Precinct 22- First Baptist Church, Precinct 23- Henderson Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 24- Goshen Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 25- Rural Home- Co Building, Precinct 26- Shellhorn School, Precinct 27- Oak Bowery- Church of Christ.