Goshen High School holds 2002 graduation exercise

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 2, 2002

Messenger Intern

The football stadium was filled.

The anticipation could almost be felt in the air.

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The setting sun’s beams were glistening off of the deep purple robes as the Goshen High School senior class walked onto the school’s football field to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance".

Goshen High School bid farewell to the graduates of 2002 at the commencement exercises that were held Friday night.

Goshen High School not only produced another class of well deserving seniors this year but it also celebrated the 80th commencement that the school has had, a fact that was proudly stated by the school’s principal, Gene Nelson.

After the National Anthem and Processional were performed, Ashley Hollis, Goshen High School’s Senior Class Vice-President, welcomed the family and friends who were in attendance.

"Graduation is an event to cherish for a lifetime," Hollis stated to her fellow graduates as she offered some words of wisdom for them to carry into their post graduate days.

Stephanie Jordan, the 2002 Salutatorian, spoke to the audience about "remembering your roots" and the importance of coming back to Goshen High to "lay foot stones to the path of greatness for your successors."

"Love and friendship does not cross your life without leaving an impression," Jordan continued. "Always give people more than they expect to get." She believes that remembering those two things will set everyone’s life up for great success.

The Valedictorian for Goshen High School, Toni Deveridge, approached the podium following Jordan’s speech. Deveridge told the audience that she and her fellow classmates had just begun to search for their hopes and dreams and that each one of them would probably have very different outcomes to their search for happiness.

She said that there were many doors of opportunity in front of them and if one of those doors were to close quickly in front of them, they should turn and see what door has opened in return.

Deveridge spoke of her brother’s recent death and how watching her family pick up the pieces has given her a greater sense as to the meaning of life and not taking it for granted.

"I have learned in my years at Goshen High School that everyone has a story to tell to someone who is willing to listen," said Deveridge about ignoring the stereotypes and looking to the inside of people.

Deveridge finished her speech to the Class of 2002 by advising them to live each day without worries about yesterday or tomorrow.

She stated that it is easy for someone to conquer the troubles of just one day but not so easy if they are struggling with the concerns of several days.

The Goshen High School graduating seniors took a pledge to the high school and themselves in respect to their diploma and its value.

Then, the moment arrived that they had been waiting 12 years for.

They received their diplomas and were pronounced to be official high school graduates.

Although their years at Goshen High School are over and the road of life will separate these classmates, the year they spent in those halls, whether walking to class or talking with friends, will not easily be forgotten.