Welcome to The Troy Messenger Digital Edition

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Dear web reader – Welcome to The Troy Messenger digital edition. We’re glad you’ve come on board with us today and hope you’ll be back many times in the future. We’re excited about the opportunities the worldwide web offers our readers and our newspaper.

Our digital edition is not designed to replace the print edition, either now or in the future. Instead, it’s designed to compliment the printed daily edition of The Troy Messenger. Having both, we believe, allows us to extend our reach and further meet the needs of our readers.

Key features of the Internet edition include:

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*Information found in our traditional printed edition such as obituaries, news stories and photos, columns.

*Links to other resources, other newspapers, other community organizations that have a presence on the worldwide web.

*Opportunities to interact with staff via e-mail and to respond to and react to stories, columns and editorials.

*A place to reach non-traditional newspaper readers (as well as traditional readers) with and advertising message.

Because of the ease in which you can respond to what you read via e-mail, we encourage you to let us know what you think. We will listen and take seriously what you have to tell us.

Again, welcome. And do visit again.

Stacy Graning