Quality dozer work runs in the family

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 24, 2002

Clearing land, digging ponds, moving and smoothing gravel and small concrete jobs are just a few of the specialties of Whit Dunn.

Dunn specializes in dozer and backhoe work and has all the equipment necessary to do the job and to do it right. He also specializes in clearing land, building ponds, fixing driveways and putting in septic tanks. For landscaping needs, Dunn has on hand stockpiles of field dirt, topsoil and different types of gravel.

Each morning Dunn start working about 6:30 in the morning and doesn’t call it a day until the job is complete or it’s too dark to finish. He said the length of time to finish a job varies depending on how big it is, but he doesn’t mind working on Saturday if it means getting the job done and satisfying his customers.

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Dunn was born and raised in Troy, and graduated from Pike Liberal Arts School. He has been in business for several years, and said that business has been good. He earned a lot of his experience from working with his father and his grandfather. His father has been in the construction business for about 20 to 25 years, and often helps Dunn with his dozer and backhoe business.

Dunn said he was running a dozer and tractor before he started his business.

&uot;I always knew I wanted to run heavy equipment and when the opportunity came, I decided to go into business for myself,&uot; he said.

&uot;I decided one day I wanted to do it as a job,&uot; Dunn said. &uot;I originally got the backhoe and dozer for the farm, but decided to use it to start my own business.&uot;

Dunn said he spends most of his time clearing land, putting in septic tanks, cutting fire lanes and lately has been fixing a lot of driveways. He also has two dump trucks to haul dirt and gravel.

Dunn just complete a job removing silt from a pond in Palmyra. He said silt is dirt that has washed into the pond over the years. When removing the silt he simply takes it from the pond bed and throws it over the side. He then smoothes the dirt around the pond. Dunn said getting rid of the silt keeps cows from bogging down in the pond when they go to drink.

Dunn has the equipment to haul livestock, including cows, hogs and goats and can haul chickens, if the need arises. Rates for hauling livestock are by the mile. All other work is by the hour and Dunn said his rates are very competitive.

It is often difficult to find someone to do the small jobs that need to be done in residential areas but no job is too small, Dunn said.

&uot;I’ll be glad to look at any job and I don’t mind doing small jobs,&uot; he said. &uot;I’ll be glad to give an estimate no matter how small the job. So don’t mind to call.&uot;

All estimates are free and Dunn asks that prospective customers give him a call before having work done.

&uot;I’d like to have a chance to look at the job and see what I can do for you,&uot; he said.

Call Richard (Whit) Dunn at 334-670-0005 (day) or 334-566-9786 (night) to set up an appointment for an estimate. If you can’t reach him at the office or home try his mobile number at 334-670-1927.