Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 30, 2002



Features Editor

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Trash is being talked in town since the Brundidge City Council voted April 22 to approve a permit request by Browning Ferris Industries to modify its Subtitle D Landfill service area

from 18 Alabama counties to include all areas east of the Mississippi River, including Louisiana.

The request

also increased the daily tonnage at the landfill from a maximum of 1,500 to 7,500.

Britt Thomas, city manager, said the move by the city council was not only good for Brundidge it was good for all Pike County.

"The economic funds provided will not be at any cost to our citizens," Thomas said. "These funds will enable us to improve our services without additional taxes. Ten cents per ton has been earmarked for industrial and economic development."

Thomas said, based on an average of 1,500 tons a day,

the landfill would generate about $891,000 for the city.

In addition, on that same amount of tonnage, $39,600 would be earmarked for industrial and economic development and another $39,600 for a road maintenance fee.

As the average daily tonnage increases, so will the city’s share of the revenue.

"Brundidge will also be locked in to a $20 a ton gate fee for the life of the landfill," Thomas said.

However, that does not mean that garbage rates will not increase within the city.

"That means that the disposal fee at the gate will not increase for the life of the landfill, but collection fees could increase," Thomas said. "For example, Mark Dunning Industries was collecting and disposing of our solid waste. Now that the landfill is open here, they are collecting our garbage but the city pays the disposal fee which will stay at $20 a ton for the life of the landfill."

In making a deal for itself at the landfill, the Brundidge City Council also looked out for Troy and Pike County.

"Troy and Pike County will also be locked in to the $20 a ton gate fee for the life of the landfill," Thomas said. "And, that’s good for all of us."

Citizens of Brundidge, Troy and the county will also be able to dispose of "attic-garage" trash at the landfill at no cost providing they present a utility card and a ID.

"As long as a person can show that they are paying for garbage pickup in the cities or the county, they can take advantage of this free service," Thomas said. "This does not include debris from remodeling or projects of that nature. It is simply for when someone wants to clean out their attic or garage."

Brundidge also secured a gate fee of $22 for the 17 other counties included in BFI’s original service area permit.

"This rate is available to them for the life of the landfill," Thomas said. "If these counties can’t secure a better rate elsewhere, they can come to Brundidge for $22 a ton."