Troy’s ‘Litter Man’ attracts trash, inspires children

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 26, 2002

Features Editor

A visit to Troy Elementary School by Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford Thursday was overshadowed by the appearance of the newest super hero to hit the block, "Litter Man."

However, the mayor didn’t mind at all to share the spotlight with his friend who is going to help make "MeTroypolis" a litter-free city.

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Lunsford kickoff the city’s anti-litter campaign at the school and introduced "Litter Man," who will serve as an educational tool for students.

The mayor said there is a special kind of magnet that surrounds "Litter Man" and, when he walks by trash that has been thrown on the ground or the street, the magnet picks up the trash and dumps it on

"Litter Man."

When "Litter Man’ arrived at the school, he was covered with trash that had been thrown out near the school grounds. Candy wrappers, sacks and cups from fast food restaurants, notebook paper and a dozen other things were attached

to him.

"Litter Man is doing his best to keep our city clean, but he can’t do it by himself," the mayor told the students. "He needs each of you to help him because we don’t want people to trash Troy."

"Litter Man’s" battle cry is "Don’t Trash Troy!" and the students at TES adopted it as their cry for a litter free community. They all agreed to help "Litter Man" make and keep Troy the cleanest metropolis on Earth.

Lunsford told the students that "Litter Man" is the city’s official litter patrol officer and he’s their boss.

"You work for him and, if we follow his lead, Troy will be litter free," Lunsford said.

However, the mayor said it will take everyone working together to accomplish the goal of a litter-free city, so he has set up an Anti-Litter Campaign Committee to assist "Litter Man"

and his "Little Litter Patrol."

"The members of the committee are leaders in our community who care deeply about the beauty and safety of our community," he said. "They will assist ‘Litter Man’ in all matters regarding litter and will serve as a liaison for their organizations or place of business. They will help plan community cleanup days and speak to other groups about the harmful effects of litter. I appreciate their willingness to serve on this committee. They will make difference."

Members of the committee are Chase Rogers, Pike Liberal Arts School; Jean Starling; Sgt. Benny Scarborough, Troy Police Department; Jake Wingard, Troy Public Works Department; Bonnie Hamiter, TSU Environment Club;

Sarah Butler, Charles Henderson High School Environmental Club; Dan Smith, Troy Exchange Club; Bill Key, Troy Rotary Club; Scheer Qualls, Downtown Merchants; Shelby Tuck, Troy Housing Authority;

Marsha Gaylard, Pike County Chamber of Commerce; LuAnn Knight, TSU’s Student Government Association; Hal Uphause, Evelynn Price and Evelynn Anderson, Colley Senior Complex; Lewis Dick, Department of Transportation; Jeff Cotton, Troy Civitan Club; The Messenger and WTBF.

The mayor said the committee is not complete and anyone who would like to serve is asked to call Jennifer Martin at 566-0177.