City might find silver lining in garbage

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 24, 2002

If Brundidge town leaders are right, the city might find more than silver lining in garbage.

The City Council on Monday authorized the expansion of the Subtitle D landfill operated by Browning Ferris Industries. The expansion will allow the company to solicit and accept garbage from all areas east of the Mississippi River.

Anticipating a greater demand for the landfill, the expansion also allows the daily tonnage dumped to increase from 1,500 tons to 7,500.

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That’s a

lot of garbage.

But both BFI and Brundidge leaders believe it’s both manageable and profitable: Manageable because of the tight constraints and regulations placed on the landfill by state agencies and profitable because the increased tonnage could significantly increase the city’s revenue stream.

The landfill currently receives about 400 tons of garbage each day, generating about $74,000 annually for the city.

Under optimum tonnage

– meaning the maximum 7,500 tons were dumped each day – tipping fees would generate $891,000 for the city of Brundidge.

And, while we all realize the landfill is not likely to operate at peak capacity at all times, we do agree with BFI and Brundidge leaders who expect significant increases in tonnage – and in turn, increases in tipping fees.

No one knows exactly how much revenue the city will gain each year, but even doubling the $74,000 annually would be a significant increase in the city’s budget. This increased revenue could be used for infrastructure needs, new schools, a myriad of other uses, as city leaders have pointed out.

We agree with them; and we urge them to be good stewards of any additional revenues and to invest them wisely in the community.

The silver lining needs to shine on all the residents of Brundidge.  

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