Bush team without a couch down the home stretch

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 19, 2002

Features Editor

Anywhere else, you

might be a redneck if you have a couch on your front porch.

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But, if you’re a Pike Countian and you have a green couch on your front porch, you probably are

a strong supporter of the Relay for Life campaign – or you were.

Until last night, a dilapidated, green couch on a person’s front porch was a sign of a commitment to finding a cure for cancer.

However, someone, knowingly or unknowingly, took that green couch and brought one of the most profitable fund raisers of the 2002 Relay for Life campaign to a halt.

The idea of placing an old couch on a "friend’s" porch and then having him or her pay $20

to have it "second-handed" to another friend’s house originated with the members of Bush Memorial Baptist Church Relay for Life team.

The couch was a yard sale item that didn’t sell, perhaps, because it was destined for a more noble purpose – helping to find a cure for cancer.

The old couch had been transported by Bush Green Couch Movers, Inc. to the tune of $600 and was certain to pass the goal of $1,000 set for it by the Bush Relay team.

However, Wednesday night, the couch was decorating the house at 1012 Park Street when someone picked it up and took it off.

No one is being accused of stealing the used and abused couch. It is suspected that someone thought it had been put out for large trash pickup. However, it was out there collecting money for the fight against cancer.

The Bush Memorial Relay for Life team can get another ragged-out couch, but this one is special and they would like to have it back so its mission can be completed and its goal accomplished.

A team without a couch isn’t much of a team at all.

So, the team is asking whoever picked up the couch to please return it to the church during the night or call 566-9520 or 566-1549 and leave a message as to where it might be picked up.

Under the circumstances, the team has agreed to waive the $20 moving fee, but any change found under the cushions will be considered a donation.