Salvation Army needs donations

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Features Editor

With the coming of spring, comes the urge to clean up, clean out and throw away.

And, where better to discard that trash that could be another’s treasure than the Salvation Army Service Center on the square in Troy.

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"When you are digging down and throwing out, please remember the Salvation Army because now is the time that we really need donations," said Cindy Duke, service center director. "Many people are still trying to get over Christmas and many are saving for vacations and our monetary donations are down at this time of year. So, we have to depend a lot more on sales from our service center to meet the many needs of our community."

Duke said when discarding unwanted items, it’s good to look at the big picture.

"Donations made to the Salvation Army stay in the community where they are made," she said. "What is given in Pike County is benefits Pike County. It all goes right back here and the needs here are great."

Because donations have been down this year due, in part, to the outpouring of caring for the families of the victims of the attacks of Sept. 11, the local Salvation Army Service Center is very limited in the assistance it can provide.

"I have calls for needs almost every day that I cannot fulfill," Duke said. "I hate to have to say no, but sometimes there’s just no way. Right now, people are needing assistance with their utility

bills and medicines. Some elderly people are either having to do without medicine in order to pay their utility bills or eat.

Those are very sad situations."

Donations of any kind are needed and appreciated.

"We need large items, usable furniture especially," Duke said. "Monday, I was sending out two beds burnout victims. We need donations of clothing, odds and ends and money is always a blessing. We just need anything that we can put in the store to make a dollar."

The Salvation Army Service Center stocks items of many different brands, including name brands.

"We have a lot of name brand clothing and any clothing that is donated to the Salvation Army goes on the rack," Duke said. "You will be surprised at what we have from time to time. We even have antiques, so we invite anyone who is looking for a bargain or anyone who just wants to help their fellow man by donating things they no longer need or want to come by our service center or call 807-0200. We have a truck and we will come out a pick up large items."

The Salvation Army also operates a food bank for those who are temporarily in need.

"The food bank is for those who are not getting any other kind of assistance," Duke said.

No money is handed over to clients who come to the Salvation Army for assistance.

"A purchase order is written for everything," Duke said. "We do not give our clients money. That don’t come here expecting a handout. They come here hoping to get a helping hand when they are in need.

"Our action is not a public relations opportunity. It is a Christian commitment. Aiding victims and working every way possible is our way of making the love of God real in the midst of devastation."