We must invest in children’s educational future

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 10, 2002

Pike County residents have an important opportunity on Tuesday when we go to

the polls to renew a school tax.

The renewal would extend the existing propety tax for another 29 years,

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guaranteeing both the Troy City and Pike County districts some 10.7 and 9.7

mills of tax annually for each of those years.

The renewal is a key investment in our community. We often talk about education as as investment in our communities and our

futures, because we believe it is.

Communities are often assessed – even judged – based on the strength of

their public education systems. State and national standards compare the

performance of our students to others across the country, exposing our

successes and our challenges equally to millions of people each year. They

judge our community, our schools, based on those scores.

And prospective industries do the same thing. When exploring possible

locations for expansions or new endeavors, they look first at the education

system – will it produce a skilled, trainable workforce? Will the schools

appeal to employees and company leaders? Do the schools set the pace for

quality of life in the community?

That’s why investing in our public schools – through tax support, moral

support even sweat equity – pays off, whether you are the parent of a

student sitting in a classroom in Banks or a young adult starting a career

here in Pike County.

The tax millage we’ll vote to renew on Tuesday provides basic operating funds

for our districts, money critcially needed for everyday classes and

extracurricular activities.

It’s a minimum investment in our schools – good schools, with bright futures – and we must make it.

Go vote on Tuesday; and vote for the tax renewal; for our schools; and for

our community.  

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