E-911 packets needed

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 8, 2002

Features Editor

The response to the second mailout of E-911 packets in Pike County has been much better than the first, but still not enough residents have responded for the post office to begin the process of using the new addresses.

Tina Jones, director of Pike County E-911, said she has been working closely with the postmasters in Pike County to facilitate the process.

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"The postmasters will tell us when to start using these new addresses, but that’s still months away," Jones said. "First, we must have a response of at least 65 percent from the packet mailouts. Now, we are at about 50 percent."

One factor that is holding the response percentage down is that some residents who responded to the first mailout haven’t responded to the second.

"Those residents still need to respond to the second mailout," Jones said. "Some people didn’t realize that and possibly have discarded their packets. Those who still have their packets are asked to get their cards in the mail. One card goes to the post office and the other goes to the mapping company."

Although residents were asked to respond within 10 days, Jones said it’s still not too late.

"We just need everyone to respond as soon as possible," she said. "We have had phone calls from residents who say they didn’t receive a packet and we know that some roads were missed. But, those who didn’t get packets or have discarded their packets may call the office at 670-6600

and I possibly can take the information over the phone and get

it in the system. It is very important that we get this information and this is a convenient way to do it."

Those who live in the city limits of Brundidge and Troy did not receive packets.

"Their addresses will remain the same, with the exception of a few streets in Troy that have route or box numbers," Jones said.

Everyone in Pike County will be using the E-911 address system and the sooner the better, Jones said, praising the system that will make locating residences much easier and facilitate response time in emergency situations.

"The post office will forward mail to the new addresses for a year after E-911 addressing goes into effect," she said. "The Pike County Board of Education is working to update student records to include E-911 addresses. We are asking parents to support the board in this effort by sending their E-911 addresses to the school."

For more information call Jones at 670-6600.