Steer show Saturday at Cattleman Park

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 28, 2002

Features Editor

Sixty years is a long time to do anything, so anything that survives that long must have merit.

Ask any of the hundreds of young people who have competed in the Pike County Steer and Heifer Show and they will say that it’s a great learning experience and one that prepares them for the challenges and responsibilities of the real world.

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On Saturday, youth from across the county will compete for the top awards in the 60th annual Pike County Steer and Heifer Show at Cattleman Park and B.B. Palmer, publicity chairman for the Pike County Cattlemen’s Association, said it promises to be a great show.

"We have an experience group of exhibitors and they will be showing outstanding animals," he said." It should be a good show and a highly competitive one. The judge will probably take a good bit of time making his decisions, because every steer and every heifer will be top quality."

Awards will be given in senior and junior showmanship and special awards will be given for best records, best daily rate of gain and second best rate of gain.

The steer and heifer show will feature animals that have been classified according to weight and age or breed.

"First and second place in weight and age or breed divisions will compete for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion," Palmer said. "Those champions will receive trophies and cash prizes, as will the best native steer."

Palmer said these young exhibitors have worked many long hours preparing their steers and heifers for the show.

"These kids put a lot of time and effort into their steer and heifer projects," he said. "They start

working with their calves back in July and August and they have to make sacrifices to be involved in the program. Raising a calf and grooming it for show teaches responsibility. A calf can’t care for itself, so these young people make a commitment and they

fulfill that commitment. They are to be congratulated on a job well done."

Palmer said the "calf project" involves the entire family and those who come early for the show will see how involved the family is in getting their steer or heifer ready to take center stage when the curtain goes up.

"It would be nice to have a big crowd to show these youngsters and their families how much their efforts are appreciated," he said. "So, we invite everyone to come out Saturday night and support

all of them."

Hamburgers will be served, beginning at 5 p.m., and the steer and heifer show will follow the supper and time of fellowship.

"Come and eat with us and stay and enjoy the show," Palmer said. "It’s going to be the first steer and heifer show held in our new facility so, the weather won’t be a problem. So, y’all come."

Exhibitors for the 2002 Pike County Steer and Heifer Show are Haden Goodson, Brundidge; Corey Goodson, Brundidge; Christopher Hendrix, Needmore; Megan Hendrix, Needmore; Ross Hixon, Monticello; Cody Johnson, Troy; Clay Register, Meeksville; Amelia Spradley, Tennille; Jennifer Waters, Brundidge; and Chris Ragland, Goshen.

The 60th Annual Pike County Steer and Heifer Show is sponsored by the Pike County Cattlemen’s Association, the Pike County Cattlewomen’s Association; the Pike County Extension System, Future Farmers of America and the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.