‘Big Bertha’ belongs on the course, not the agenda

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 24, 2002

Ask a golfer what a "Big Bertha" is and he’ll tell you its a popular brand of golf clubs known for helping average golfers improve their game.

Ask a Republican Alabama lawmaker the same question and you’ll get a wholly different answer – it is their savior, their ace in the hole.

Inside the Capitol, "Big Bertha" is a gigantic stalling tactic. The 1,050-page plan was written years ago with the sole intent of clogging the system whenever the party wasn’t getting its way.

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Last week, lawmakers proceeded to delay any action in the chamber for 14 hours while the bill was being read to an nearly empty House chamber.

The delays have been going on for weeks.

And to what end?

Democratic and Republican representatives are not elected to sit on opposite sides of the room and spit at each other as though they were school children.

Lawmakers were elected to work together on the state’s business.

Continuing to stall and delay and bicker about petty partisanship issues is not productive for the state and it must end – soon.

Lawmakers need to realize that using a tactic like a Big Bertha to simply clog the system is, in fact, abusing the system and doing a disservice to taxpayers.

Voters entrust the public’s will and stewardship to elected officials each time they step into the voting booth.

We only wish they’d roll up their sleeves, get down to work and leave the Big Berthas on the golf course.


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