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Teamwork, success echoed locally

Teamwork and success.

Those themes will echo through Pike County this month as the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and the Brundidge Business Association gather for annual banquets, as well they should.

On Thursday, the Brundidge Business Association’s annual meeting will celebrate the town’s successes of the past year – a string of successes that benefit all of us in Pike County, from the location of a Wal-Mart distribution center in Brundidge to the revival of Carter Brothers’ go-cart company.

In addition to recognizing the outstanding economic leaders in the community, the Brundidge businessmen and women will reflect on those successes and look ahead to the future.

Next Friday, Jan. 25, the Pike County Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual dinner, aptly themed "A Tribute to Teamwork."

Citing some of those same successes – including the Wal-Mart center and the growth of local businesses – and more, The Pike County Chamber will focus on the hard work, shared vision and true commitment that brought those successes to fruition. With U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby as keynote speaker, the meeting promises to be both informational and enlightening.

Most important, in both those events, is the simple fact that Pike County

– including both Troy and Brundidge – has much to celebrate this year. In a year fraught with economic uncertainty, we have been able to focus on opportunities and successes. In a year filled with uncertainty, we have seen the growth of local businesses; the investment of national companies such as Wal-Mart; and the expansion and continued investment of companies such as Lockheed Martin. We have been blessed with good news and opportunities.

And we have learned that teamwork and shared vision can lead to success.

Now that’s something worth celebrating.  

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