‘Cookie Month’ arrives again:

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 11, 2002

Girl Scouts begin annual sales


Features Editor

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Thanks to the Girl Scouts of America, January has become known as the "cookie month" and for good reason.

Each year, Girl Scouts all across the country sell millions of boxes of cookies that are as good as the ones grandma used to make.

And, today’s the big day.

As soon as the bell rings to dismiss school this afternoon, Girl Scouts from coast-to-coast will be knocking on doors selling their delicious wares to support one of the oldest and largest organizations for girls in the world.

Frankie Hubbard, troop leader, said the cookie sales benefit the Girl Scouts of America national organization and the local troops right here in Pike County.

"Each troop gets a percentage of the sales and the girls decide what they want to do with the money," Hubbard said. "The troops in Pike County have used the money to take field trips – like to the U.S.S. Alabama in Mobile, to go on camping trips and to go ice skating. The girls work hard selling cookies and the money they earn is used to do something special."

The cookies are $3 a box and there are eight different cookies to

chose from this year, including two new cookies, All Abouts and Olé Olé.

Hubbard said the All Abouts are shortbread cookie that have a series of Girl Scout messages embossed on top and a rich fudge coating on the bottom.

The Olé Olé is a reduced fat, bite-sized vanilla cookie with pecan pieces and coconut covered in powdered sugar.

The Girl Scouts still have the all-time favorite cookies, Samoas (vanilla covered with caramel on top and bottom and rolled in toasted coconut), Trefoils (shortbread), Thin Mints (peppermint and chocolate), Do-Si-Dos (oatmeal with creamy peanut butter filling), Aloha Chips (with macadamia nuts and creamy white fudge chips) and Tagalongs ( peanut butter and chocolate).

The Girl Scouts will take orders for the cookies through Jan. 24, Hubbard said.

"If no Girl Scout comes knocking on your door, ask around to find out which girls are in Scouts and give one of them a call," Hubbard said. "Those who don’t get to place an order can look for the Girl Scout cookie sale booths at Winn-Dixie, Food World, Wal-Mart and other business locations after the cookie delivery date in late February or early March. We always order extra cookies just for that reason."

Hubbard asks for the support of the community for the Girl Scout cookie sale.

"You won’t find better cookies anywhere or a better cause to support," she said.