Government confirms anthrax suspicions

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 18, 2001

As information is shared in the anthrax investigation, more questions arise.

Officials confirmed tMonday that the anthrax that killed five people appears to have been produced here in the United States.

Where, when and how remain a mystery ­ at least the general public.

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And, more to the point, what that means to America’s investigation and its war on terrorism remains an unanswered question.

The confirmation by a White House press secretary that the anthrax trail looks "like it was a domestic source" will only spur the theory that FBI has quietly launched over the past months as it profiled a "loner" who was likely behind the deadly mailings.

With a profile in hand, and near confirmation that the source of the deadly spores was close to home, our next step needs to be tracking down the mailer(s). Our government needs to be relentless in pursuing this case and in bringing whoever is responsible to justice.

We believe the government will do just that, even as the public’s eye narrows its focus.

We have many questions.

We suspect, and we hope, the government officials have more answers than they’ve offered.  

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