‘The Crossing’ captured in print

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 14, 2001

Features Editor

Visitors to the Pioneer Museum of Alabama are invariably drawn to The Village Center by an intriguing mural that takes them back to the time when railroads were bringing about extensive changes to the countryside.

The mural titled "The Crossing" is the work of Brundidge artist Larry Godwin and receives kudos from all who view it.

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Not only is the mural the focal point of the village, it is also the place many choose for their Kodak moments.

Now, the museum is offering post cards and note cards, featuring scenes from the mural, for sale in the gift shop.

"Since the mural was finished, we have wanted to have prints of "The Crossing" available in our gift shop," said Charlotte Gibson, museum director. The response to the mural has been very positive and we have had many requests for prints. However, full color prints made of something that complex is very expensive and we haven’t had money in the budget to do it."

But, as good things sometimes happen, a visitor to the museum was astounded by Godwin’s work.

"A lady, who is the chairperson of the state arts council in a neighboring state, spent long hours going over every detail of the mural," Gibson said. "She said it was the best work of that kind she had ever seen, and she travels extensively. She recognized the mural as an outstanding artistic work and was so appreciative of Larry’s talents and the quality of his work."

The state arts council chairperson has ties to Pike County and inquired, at each visit to the museum, about prints of the mural.

"She felt it was so important for us to have prints of this outstanding mural that she offered to underwrite it herself," Gibson

said. "We are very appreciative of her contribution to the museum. These cards will be mailed all over the country and bring wide recognition to the Pioneer Museum of Alabama, Troy and Pike County."

The mural spans 50 linear feet as it winds its way into a corner and across the advancing and receding planes.

"Because of the size of the mural, it was impossible to get it all on one card, even though the card would be 12×6 inches," Gibson said. "So, we divided the mural and have two cards, which together, depict the entire mural."

On Saturday, Godwin will be at the museum from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. to talk with visitors about the mural and will sign cards purchased during those hours.

"The cards are beautifully done and are suitable for framing," Gibson said. "They will make great Christmas gifts, as will the note cards."

Everyone is invited to visit the museum Saturday and experience "The Crossing" in the Village Center.