Seasonal fun? It’s a wrap for some folks

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Those of you who know me, already know I’m a cardaholic and a chronic gift giver.

So, this time of the year is ideal for someone like me.

Little makes me happier than finding the perfect present for someone (and I do that shopping all year long); then, taking it home and pulling out the wrapping paper and ribbon.

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While many may consider gift wrapping a chore, I consider it labor of love. For me, the only difficult thing about covering a gift in colorful paper is keeping my furry child off the roll of paper and away from the bows and ribbons.

As many of you know, stores do a lot of gift wrapping this time of the year. I’ve had salespeople look at me with an odd expression when I tell them I’d rather do it myself. I guess most people would rather someone else take up the task.

But, not me, I thrive when my living room floor is littered with scraps of wrapping paper and gift tags. (And, Comet the cat ­ who is not named after the reindeer ­ loves it too.)

Actually, I’ve been known to wrap gifts for other people. My mother once worked for a single man whose den was practically carpeted in gifts for his parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and friends. But, he had no idea about how to wrap a gift. So, each Christmas, I was called in and went to work. Usually I spent a couple of hours, wrapping, decorating and labeling the gifts he had so carefully selected for his loved ones.

A few years ago a friend and I were talking about gifts and she mentioned how she couldn’t wrap (or maybe it was just that she didn’t like to do it). I said I loved doing it and watched as packages and wrapping paper were loaded into my trunk.

It gives me such a good feeling ­ making a plain white box into something mysterious, yet pretty.

When I’m wrapping gifts, I kind of feel like Mrs. Claus because I seriously doubt Santa or the elves do all of the wrapping. That’s obviously why, in some homes, Santa’s gifts are just set around the Christmas tree unwrapped. Think of how much wrapping paper, ribbons and bows would fill the North Pole if every present was prettily packaged.

I’m not much when it comes to accepting gifts, but I love to give them and the more love with which they are packaged ­ inside and out ­ the better and more lasting the memory is for both the recipient and me.

Beth Lakey is a staff writer at The Messenger. She can be reached via e-mail at  

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