Wish a neighbor a ‘pink Christmas’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Features Editor

An alarming news bulletin was issued from the North Pole last week stating, because of unseasonably warm weather, Santa Claus would not be able to visit the good little boys and girls in the South this year.

Santa Claus said his reindeer are not conditioned to fly and function in the extremely warm temperatures blanketing the South.

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According to the news release, Santa and his reindeer made a trial run through Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi just before Thanksgiving.

Dasher, Donder, Comet and Blitzen came down with bronchitis. Prancer and Vixen have the flu. Donder has a sore throat. Cupid has a sinus infection and Rudolph has a red nose.

With deep regrets, Santa Claus announced he was canceling Christmas in the South, due to weather.

However, another bulletin issued, yesterday, from the North Pole stated Santa Claus will be coming after all.

He has enlisted the assistance of a flock of pink flamingo fly boys to bring "good cheer and good health" to people everywhere.

The pink flamingos work for Gibson & Carden, CPA as fundraisers for Relay for Life. Jerry Carden, reportedly, contacted Santa and offered the fly boys to him – on contract.

"Every year, the pink flamingos have been flying from house to house raising money for Relay for Life," Carden said. "They know the area well – and the people. If any flying creature can help Santa deliver toys on Christmas Eve, it’s the pink flamingos."

The pink flamingos have learned to pull a sleigh over the housetops, but they are having trouble landing on the rooftops.

In a practice run Tuesday, the pink flamingos missed a rooftop and landed Santa and the sleigh in the front yard of Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford and his wife, Faye.

The mayor recognized the birds and called Gibson and Carden to have them removed.

Carden arrived to find Santa had left the scene, so he agreed to move the sleigh and pink flamingo fly boys to another location for the small fee of $25.

Santa called the office of Gibson and Carden later in the day to say his reindeer are feeling better and he has no further need for the pink flamingo fly boys. However, in return for their services, Santa allowed the pink flamingos to keep their Santa caps and the sleigh.

"The pink flamingos are all decked out for Christmas and they make such unique lawn decorations for this time of the year that we are going to get an early start on Relay for Life and let them fly from house to house, raising money for this worthwhile event," Carden said. "If the pink flamingos land on your lawn and you want a neighbor to have a ‘Pink Christmas,’ too, just call the office and we’ll direct the pink flamingos to that address."

The pink flamingos will only "decorate" until Christmas Eve. Santa has contracted with them to relieve his sniffling, sneezing reindeer when it’s time to visit boys and girls

south of the border.

To wish your neighbor a Pink Flamingo Christmas call 566-2690.