AFA donations don’t

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 4, 2001

support local firefighters


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Several Pike County residents have reported solicitations for money going to fire departments.

Those soliciting donations by phone are with the Alabama Firefighters Association, which is a legitimate organization, but does not provide funding to the Troy Fire Department or those within the Pike County Firefighters Association.

"We are not affiliated with them," said Johnny Gibson, president of the Pike County Firefighters Association.

"We don’t solicit funds by phone."

The PCFFA does conduct mailouts each year, asking citizens to help the volunteer fire departments, but does not use the telephone as means of raising money.

Members of Gibson’s own family have been called and that is when he realized the need to get the word out those trying to get money are not doing so in the name of Pike County citizens.

Troy Fire Chief Ray Rhodes said he has also received calls from citizens wondering about the legitimacy of the solicitations.

"I don’t know where the money goes once they get it," Rhodes said of the calls being made on behalf of the Alabama Firefighters Association.

As a member of the Alabama Fire Chiefs Association, Rhodes said he was not told of any telephone fund-raising activities and, therefore, has no information of such activities.

"I’m not telling people not to give to the Alabama Firefighters Association," Gibson said. "I’m just telling them the money does not stay here in Pike County."

Donations made to the PCFFA do stay here and go toward helping departments purchase equipment, such as the fire safety house recently purchased to teach children about the dangers of fire and how to escape a burning house. That trailer also is equipped with a severe weather package that can be used to teach children about what to do in a storm.

Both firefighters said anyone wishing to give to the fire service can do so through the Pike County Firefighters Association or through the individual volunteer fire departments to be assured the money stays in Pike County.