Planning commission annexes two acres to allow students to attend Troy City Schools

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Staff Writer

A crackdown by local school systems has forced one family to make a rezoning request.

Last Thursday, the Troy Planning Commission approved the annexation of two acres at 520 Enzor Road into the city limits. Final decision on the change will be made by the Troy City Council.

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Property owner Brian Lassiter made the request so his children can attend Troy City Schools.

Recently, the Troy City Schools and Pike County Schools have begun looking at those children attending city schools, but living outside the school district because money for the systems is based on student population. The county school system has witnessed a decline in population while the city schools have seen an influx of county residents coming into Troy to attend school.

At first, members of the commission seemed hesitant to give approval, but eventually did with a unanimous vote after the motion was made by Commissioner Jim Roling.

The property meets the legal requirements, but planning commissioners voiced desire to have adjoining property rezoned along with the two acres.

At that time, Roling said "it would be nice to bring it all in at one time," but understood the family’s predicament "looking out for their young-uns."

Lassiter, who was given 90 days to correct the problem so he is in the city school district, said he did not believe his older neighbors would agree to be annexed into the city limits after commissioners asked him to talk to them.

Roling said all the commission did was make a recommendation to the Troy City Council based on information provided.

"I think it’s happened on many occasions," Roling said. "It’s not unusual."

During that planning commission meeting, Roling told Lassiter the board has tried to prevent "piecemeal" zoning by having several property owners agree any action taken.

Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford agreed with Roling’s comments and said there probably need to be some changes.

"There should be some regular annexation process," Lunsford said. when asked about the Lassiter family’s request.

However, Lunsford pointed out the "tentacles" that create an odd-shaped city limit line were drawn by the Alabama Legislature and not city leaders.

Both Lunsford and Roling said they have not heard any complaints since the meeting last week.