Students thankful for increased security

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 6, 2001

Staff Writer

Tightened security measures have not eliminated all of the concerns on the Troy State University campus.

Freshmen Samantha Worrell and Courtney West have not spent a night in their dorm rooms since the body of Brandi Hobson, a 17-year-old freshman from Clio, was discovered in room 111 of the all-female Clements Hall.

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Although the two are not residents of Clements Hall, they are concerned for their safety.

"I haven’t stayed on campus since it happened," Worrell said. "I don’t feel safe in the dorm."

Worrell said most of the students who seemed to be the most concerned are female freshmen.

West, who lives in Hammil Hall, said she would feel better with more information.

Since Hobson was discovered early Monday morning, Troy State officials have increased housing entry procedures, but have released little information, making students like Worrell and West worried for their safety.

"I think they need to give us some answers," West said of school officials. "There are so many rumors."

Early reports that Hobson was shot were put aside after John Schmidt, vice president of student affairs, said no shots were reported.

To alleviate some of the fears, officers with the TSU Police Department have stepped up their patrols.

West said she will feel better "as long as they keep the security up," but will not feel secure until the cause of death is made official.

Anna Livingston, a sophomore at TSU, said dorm security needed to be increased.

"I think it’s ridiculous they don’t ever lock our doors," she said of the doors leading to the outside of the dorm buildings. "It’s not hard to get in. The dorms are just not a safe place to be."

Another concern of Livingston’s is the lack of parking near the dorms.

"There is not enough resident parking," said the resident of Hammil Hall, which is located across from the golf course and older tennis courts. "The other night I had to park at the golf course and that’s not safe."

Melissa Hinote, also a freshman, is "not really scared" to be on campus.

She said was already taking safety precautions, such as getting escorts at night, before Hobson’s death, "but that’s routine.

"Girls shouldn’t be alone on campus anyway," Hinote said.

The Student Government Association is working to ease the tension.

Tuesday night, the SGA held a meeting to discuss what had happened and what action is being taken.

"The SGA is doing everything we can to respect Brandi’s memory, which includes dispelling any rumors and praying for her family," said Meryl Jones, SGA president. "

Other meetings were held in the various dorms across campus.