Regions Bank to relocate branches

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 26, 2001

Staff Writer

Regions Bank will be relocating their Park Street and Winn-Dixie Marketplace branches to a new location on George Wallace Drive next month.

The building was the former station of the Troy State University Police Department and prior to that, housed Troy Bank and Trust.

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Regions Bank purchased the building earlier this year when the TSU police relocated to be on campus.

Jack Rainey, president of Regions Bank, said the new branch will be open on Sept. 10.

Rainey said the transition should not inconvenience Regions’ customers.

"We expect it to be a smooth transition," Rainey said. "We will close down the Friday before and reopen in our new location."

Rainey said the move will be a benefit to Region’s customers.

"This great location," Rainey said. "Its much more accessible and it will give us room to expand and to add more services."

The new branch will have five indoor tellers, three outdoor tellers and a drive-up ATM.

Rainey said only

minor construction needed to be done to accommodate Regions move to the new building. A new roof was built, another drive-thru was added anda new security system was installed.

"We feel like this will be a good move for us," Rainey said. "We had simply run out of room to expand in our Park Street and Winn-Dixie branches and this will give us a chance to grow and to become a bigger part of the community."