Employees at Senior Center

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 18, 2001

complete CPR training


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Every day, somewhere, someone is a hero.

No one asks to be placed in that situation. It just happens. But, heroes don’t just happen; they are prepared for emergency situations –

physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

A recent initiative by the City of Troy will prepare city employees to respond to emergency situations when a person stops breathing and their heart stops beating.

On Tuesday, the employees at the Senior Colley Complex completed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training and are now qualified to administer CPR.

"This was one thing the city wanted us to do," said Mary Ann Casey, complex director. "Because we are working with a large number of senior citizens on a daily basis, it was important for us to learn CPR and to become certified," she said. "Mike Davis (safety director for the city of Troy) said the city will continue with this initiative until all city employees are certified in CPR."

Ralph Fowee volunteered to teach the class which meets two times for two-hours and the three employees at the Colley Senior Complex were eager to be among the first participants.

"I had never received any training like this," said Casey. "I thought I could go through life without needing it, and, to be honest, I dreaded it. Giving CPR just seemed to be such an awesome responsibility. I wasn’t sure I could do it."

However, Casey said Fowee is such a capable and patient instructor,

she quickly gained confidence in her ability.

"It was more of an emotional thing with me," she said. "I had to get past that and then I was okay. Physically, I was able to perform CPR and that had been a worry. Giving CPR is very demanding, but once you learn the procedure, you can get into the rhythm of it and it’s not as difficult as you might think."

Casey said when faced with a life or death situation, it is good to know that you have the know-how to possibly save a life.

"We can’t thank Ralph enough for volunteering to teach the class and we appreciate the city providing us with this opportunity," she said. "We hope we never have to use what we learned, but I feel so much better knowing that I could respond if necessary."

Cleo Thompson, director of Senior Services at the Lillian Green Nutrition Center and Hassie Green, assistant director, also completed the training.

Casey said anyone who is interested in taking the class should call Mike Davis at 566-6017.

"The classes are small and there is a good possibility there will be room for a few others," she said. "So, anyone who is interested is encouraged to call."