New guidebook helps basketball players find home overseas

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Altoona, PA – June 20, 2001 – European Enterprises has recently published the First and Only Worldwide Guidebook that provides step-by-step information on how aspiring male or female basketball players can obtain a job playing basketball overseas. The guidebook specifically targets and has been successful for professional, college, high school and even recreational basketball players.

Millions of basketball players nationwide want to continue their basketball careers by playing in the NBA and WNBA. Unfortunately, the two leagues combined only have 400-500 positions but overseas there are over 22,000 positions!

Also, many players think you need an agent or experience playing organized basketball (i.e. college basketball) to play overseas. The step-by-step guidebook eliminates these two misconceptions and allows basketball players to utilize a new, unique, and proven method to further their basketball careers. The system replaces the services of an agent, which can cost a player more than $4,000 and the players current talents are reviewed not their basketball history or experience.

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Michael Jennings, a graduate student-athlete at Penn State University and former professional overseas basketball player, is the author of the guidebook. The guidebook is $25.95. The system was developed and inspired by Michael throughout his successful 6-year career playing basketball overseas. As a result of the successful method, Michael has had the opportunity to play in counties such as Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Peru and many more.

European Enterprises is located in Altoona, PA. The company can make the claim that this astounding, First and Only Worldwide Guidebook will ultimately change the way a basketball player thinks about his/her basketball future. For the first time ever, there is a step-by-step guidebook on how to receive a job playing basketball overseas. European Enterprises will continue to provide services that will help talented basketball players dreams come true! For additional information on the guidebook please visit our website at or call 1-888-505-2665