‘Click It or Ticket’ benefits us

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 24, 2001

Local law enforment are setting up road blocks to make sure motorists are wearing their seatbelts during the "Click It or Ticket" campaign.

This idea of the campaign is to increase awareness about seatbelt safety and to make sure motorists are following the new laws. Road blocks will be set up throughout Pike County, the state and nation through the end of next week.

We think the campaign is a very good idea, but if its intent is the catch drivers not wearing their seatbelts announcing the location of the roadblocks was probably a mistake. The element of surprise would have been much more affective in catching drivers without seatbelts.

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The National Click It or Ticket campaign’s intentions are good, but its organizers are being a little too lenient. Anyone not wearing a seat belt, or driving without a license or without insurance should be fined. The best way to catch those doing so is with unannounced road checks.

It is proven that seat belts save lives and reduce injury during automobile crashes. The chance of surviving a car wreck increases greatly once a seat belt is worn. Officers can now stop and ticket motorists when motorists aren’t wearing a seat belt. This is a good law.

Some may argue that seat belt usage infringes on personal liberty and choice. But insurance companies, which are funded by premiums paid by all drivers, have to pay the bills when someone is seriously injured in a wreck.

This makes seat belt usage a concern for all of us.


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