Early Bird … Newsboy gets an early start

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 15, 2001

The early bird gets the worm and Jean Laliberte was out bright and early May 9 but she wasn’t pecking for worms. She looking for "cabbage" which is South Alabama slang for greenbacks.

The Troy State University associate professor had graciously agreed be an "Old Newsboy" for The Messenger’s "EXTRA!"

Wednesday edition which is dedicated to the Relay for Life campaign.

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Being the early bird she is, Laliberte whizzed by The Messenger

early that Wednesday morning, grabbed a bundle of newspapers and went about the TSU campus yelling "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!"

She thought it a little strange that the special Relay edition had little to do with the annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, but she didn’t let that diminish her enthusiasm for her purpose.

"Extra! Extra!" she called and her colleagues gave generously but also wondered what was "extra" about the EXTRA.

What was "extra" was actually Jean Laliberte. She was "extra" early – one week to be exact.

This Wednesday, May 16 The Messenger

will publish its "Extra!" edition which will be dedicated to the Relay for Life campaign.

"Old Newsboys’ will be on the streets selling the papers for a donation of whatever one feels led to give

to the Relay for Life campaign.

Those who have already "given at the office" just might want to make another contribution, if for no other reason than to read stories of courage, faith and victory over the much feared disease.

There will be information about Relay teams, fundraisers and a schedule of events for Relay weekend.

A page will be dedicated to those who have won victories over the disease, those who are engaging in a fight for their lives and those who have lost the battle.

The contributions that are made to the "Extra" edition will be

ammunition in the fight against cancer – one the American Cancer Society is committed to continue until the war is won.

Support the Old Newsboys on Wednesday. They are warriors in the battle against cancer and what they are doing is "extra" special

And, don’t be surprised if one of those Old Newsboys is Jean Laliberte. She

found out that early birds do get worms – and greenbacks. And, she is committed to the cause that is not for the birds – it’s for life.