Hiding eggs is as much fun as hunting them

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 13, 2001

News Editor

When the Easter Bunny comes Saturday night I’ll be ready. I’ll be nestled in my bed at my parent’s house – exactly where I need to be on holidays.

Easter is a big holiday for my family. This year my mother and I are planning to attend an Easter Sunrise Service to begin our day. We try to remember the reason we celebrate the holiday even throughout the day’s activities.

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We’ve grown a little too old to color Easter eggs, but I might try to slip over to see my cousins about the time they are coloring their eggs. There is something about dying Easter eggs.

I don’t know if the Easter Bunny will be visiting with us this year, but regardless, the day will still be fun. I remember a specific Easter when the Easter bunny did come and visit. I was back when the Dukes of Hazzard was still on primetime television.

I woke up in the middle of the night and the Easter Bunny had left my basket at my bedroom door. I could see the basket, but not its contents. I remember getting up and trying to look in it without getting caught but I still couldn’t see what was inside. My excitement about the basket gave way to sleepiness and I fell back to sleep until morning.

When my brother and I got to open the cellophane on out baskets we found tons of chocolate and Easter egg bubble gum, but the most exciting thing in the basket was our "big gift" – matching Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts, a blue one for him and a red one for me.

We wore or t-shirts to the family get-together at my aunt’s house that day.

This year the Easter Bunny stopped by The Messenger office a little early bearing baskets and flowers for me and a couple of co-workers. The Easter Bunny (a.k.a. Raymond Sexton) came by the office with baskets and a yellow rose from Sheila Jackson, who sent them simply to say thanks for the work we do for her. But what she doesn’t know is that as much as she thinks we do for her, she does as much or more for us. But the thank you was much appreciated.

And just yesterday, Nick Costes brought his column by the office and left an envelope for me. Inside was a little gift and note telling me to have lunch on him.

In less than two weeks I have seen that people do still care about other people and are not afraid to express how much they depend on and appreciate things others do for them. These "Random Acts of Kindness" allow us to still have faith in people.

Although Easter doesn’t hold the same fascination for me as it did when I was a child I still adore the holiday. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with my family and to go outdoors when it still hasn’t gotten too hot for it to be unbearable.

We still have an Easter egg hunt for the youngsters. Instead of hunting the eggs my self like I once did, I’m on the hiding team now. I think I enjoy watching the next generation take off in search of the golden egg as much I enjoyed hunting for it myself.

I think we’re in for a beautiful weekend. There’s no sense in not enjoying the holiday with friends and family and other people you care about.

Have a Happy Easter!

Amy S. Lansdon is the news editor for The Messenger. E-mail her at amy.lansdon@troymessenger.com or call her at 670-6311.


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