Southeastern Rendezvous

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2001

takes trip in history


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With today’s technology, it seems that almost anything is possible – everything except traveling back in time.

Even the greatest scientific minds have not been able to accomplish that feat. However, a group of Whitewater Longhunters has found a way back to the early 1800s and they are inviting everyone to travel the trail back in time with them.

The Whitewater Longhunters, a group of early-1800s era re-enactors who live in the Pike County area, are hosting the 20th Annual Southeastern Rendezvous of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association March 23 through April 11 at L&L Lakes.

The event is sponsored by The National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation which encompasses re-enactors from any period from 1700 to 1840.

"A different re-enactment group hosts the Rendezvous each year and we are extremely proud to have been chosen to host the 20th event," said Darrell Hager, a member of the Longhunters. "We’ll set up camp at L&L Lakes and we expect around 600 re-enactors from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and Maine."

Campsites will be set up in the pre-1840s tradition of tradesmen, longhunters, farmers, soldiers and frontiersmen. Everything will be authentic.

"We’ll live in period shelters, wear period clothing and eat period food," Hager said. "Everything will be authentic – down to the material in our clothing."

The Rendezvous will feature frontiersman’s games, Highland games, shooting events,

hawk and knife competitions and mussel loading.

There will be demonstrations to educate and fascinate and those who want to trade money for goods will have the benefit of 30 trade tents under which to do business.

"We’ll have traders who will have everything imaginable," Hager said. "And, there will be a lot of trading going on – from daylight until dark."

In addition, there will be games for the women and kids and rides in a 26-foot canoe.

"We’ll have demonstrations of white-oak basket making, weaving, blacksmithing, black powder shooting, bag piping, rope-making, fabric-dying and other early American crafts," Hager said.

All of this will be done to the tune of the music of the era and some of the most

unique sounds will come from a glass flute and bagpipes.

"The whole week will be filled with activities," Hager said. "Part of our mission is to educate and we hope that parents will bring their children out to the re-enactment site. There is much to be learned and a lot of fun to be had. Any time you come, you will be welcomed."

Admission to the Rendezvous is $3 a day for adults. Children 12 and under are admitted free.

L&L Lakes is located south of Troy off Highway 87-167 near Springhill. Follow the signs to the Southeastern Rendezvous.