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Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 15, 2001

team up for America


Features Editor

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Two Brundidge organizations have teamed up to display their community’s patriotic spirit.

The Lions Club and the VFW Post 7055 have joined together to make sure American flags continue to fly on the city street on all major holidays.

For decades, the Lions Club has been posting the flags on eight patriotic holidays in the downtown area. The club would like to expand the project to include homes along Main Street in the immediate downtown area and perhaps add more holidays.

Ursula Bryant, president of the Brundidge Lions Club, said both the Lions and the members of Post 7055 are dedicated to the promotion of the freedoms and liberties that have been won by the country’s forefathers.

"The American flag is one of the most prominently known, symbols of those freedoms," Bryant said. "It seemed appropriate for our Lions Club and VFW Post 7055 to team up in an effort to keep the flags flying."

Bryant said both organizations are excited about the joint effort.

"Commander Henry Middlebrooks said he and all the other veterans of Post 7055 are enthusiastic about seeing the project continue to flourish," she said. "They offered to provide the manual labor required for displaying the flags each holiday. In return, the Brundidge Lions will collect the subscriptions and handle all the paperwork. Proceeds from the project will benefit both organizations."

For the annual subscription of $16, Brundidge businesses and citizens can have the American flag displayed at their place of business or home on the designated holidays.

When the sidewalks in the downtown area were redone, receptacles were placed in front of each store doorway, Bryant said.

"However, since most businesses pay for only one subscription, some receptacles remain empty," she said. "The Lions Club and Post

7055 would like to see each receptacle holding a flag. Members encourage any business owner or individual sharing strong feelings of pride in the display of the American flag to subscribe to service for the additional slots."

Bryant said flags will also be placed at homes in the immediate downtown vicinity to subscribers.

"The result will be a wonderful tribute to the freedoms we all cherish as citizens displayed in a stately symbol of freedom – the American flag," she said.

For more information about flag subscriptions, call Ursula Bryant at 735-3412 or Henry Middlebrooks at 735-2995.