Troy Zoning Board rejects

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 16, 2001

Montgomery Street day care


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Feb. 15, 2001 10 PM

For the sixth time, members of the Money family were denied the opportunity to open a group home day care by the Troy Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

Faye Money Thomas and her sister, Rebecca C. Money, want to open the facility for children up to 5 years old at 240 Montgomery Street. Their plans are to have a maximum of 12 children during the day and 12 at night.

Thomas addressed the board and stated "there is more than enough space" for traffic to flow smoothly in and out of the facility.

Those who voiced opposition to the request, gave heavy traffic and a possible decrease in property values as reasons why the board should deny the request.

The daughter of Rashoore "Coop" Johnson, who lives next door to the property in question, addressed the board on behalf of her "senile" father.

She said having a day care next door would be a "hardship" on her father, who, she said, still drives. She fears "what would happen if he hit a child."

Johnnie Christian, who also lives on Montgomery Street, said she invested $40,000 in her house and is afraid having the child care facility will cause the value of her property to decrease.

Dejerilyn Henderson was the most vocal of those making their opposition known.

She presented a petition with "20 names" to show she is not the only one who’s against the idea.

"Montgomery Street is a very high traffic area," Henderson said, adding she also fears a decrease in property value on the street if another day care facility is opened, in the area where there are already two.

She asked board members if they expect the residents to "roll over and play dead and watch our property value decrease?"

Although Henderson is opposed to what the Money family wants to do, she admitted the day care center next door to her residence has never been a problem for her.

"I never know those six children are there," Henderson said, adding "24 children would increase traffic" on the street.

"The area is not appropriate," Henderson said.

She also said she does not "like it when people force their way" into her neighborhood.

Members of the Money family said residents of the street indicated they had not problem with the idea of a group home day care when they were approached.

Board member Will Wright asked several questions that eventually led to some bickering back and forth among those in the audience.

"I don’t see a problem," Wright said, after getting answers to his questions.

After hearing what everyone had to say, Wright recommended the board approve the request. That motion died for lack of a second. Board members then voted 4-1 to deny the request.

Johnnie Mae Money, mother of the two women who are trying to open the facility, said the family will now talk to legal counsel about the matter.

"There’s no other recourse," she said.