Pike Commission moves closer

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 8, 2001

to enacting subdivision regulations


Staff Writer

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Feb. 7, 2001 10 PM

Pike County is a step closer to approving some subdivision regulations.

Wednesday night, the Pike County Commission held the first of two public hearings on

proposed subdivision regulations. The next one will be at 6 p.m.on Feb. 21.

The issue of subdivision regulations came about when Greg Avant approached the commission on Nov. 30. Avant submitted a proposal to the commission regarding a subdivision with the streets being maintained by the developer. Then at the time of 80 percent sell off, the developer will either keep up the maintenance or turn it over to the Home Owners Association at the point of 80 percent sell off.

County engineer Herb Huner said the county’s current subdivision regulations do not allow for private streets and a request regarding that matter has been turned down in the past.

Avant changed his original proposal to eliminate having ownership of the roadways turned over to the homeowners association.

Huner said the roadways, once constructed, will have to be done so to a certain standard and be inspected even if the commission amends the current regulations to allow for private roadways.

It is those standards that are meeting with opposition from developers like Avant.

He said he believes developers should be able to decide how to construct the roadways if they are maintaining them.

"(Now) We’re being held to the same standards as the highway department," Avant said of the proposed regulations.

He said he "feels like we’re being penalized" because of what predecessors did or didn’t do.

"We have been building roads for 30 years and I think we know something about roads," said Don Avant. "We’re not going to build something that will cave in tomorrow."

Huner said the county set those regulations because "we’ve got to have something" so they can be certified.

"As long as we maintain it, I don’t see where you come in," Don Avant said to Huner and the commissioners.

He said having to construct a roadway to the current specifications would not allow developers to "have a price low enough for people to buy."

Lots, he said, would cost somewhere between $22,000 and $30,000 in order to pay for the road.

Thomas asked the Avants to put their ideas in writing before the next public hearing.

Huner added the proposed regulations also set the same roadway standards for rental property, such as mobile home parks.

Copies of the subdivision regulations can be viewed at the Pike County Commission Office, Pike County Road Department and the Troy Public Library for review.