Talents on display at Co. Fair

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Features Editor

It’s autumn and all hearts turn toward the county fair.

Well, maybe not all hearts, but certainly many in Pike County are busy getting their entries ready for the Pike County Fair next week.

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"The county fair is older than most all of us and it brings an excitement to the fall that is unequaled," said Tammy Powell, county agent coordinator for Pike County. "The county fair offers many opportunities for local residents to show off their talents and we have a lot of talented people in Pike County. There are more than 600 separate categories under eight general headings so there is something for everyone – young people and adults."

The major categories are vegetables and field crops, food preservation, baked foods, arts and crafts, photography, horticulture, needlework and textiles and woodwork.

"Each category has its own rules and regulations, so anyone wanting to enter an exhibit should make sure of the rules before preparing their entries for the exhibits," Powell said, adding the Pike County Fair tabs were included in a previous issue of The Messenger and are also available at the fairgrounds.

Powell said participating in the Pike County Fair brings a lot a self-satisfaction and it also enables others to see the kind of talent that can be found in the county.

"Talent can be defined in a lot of ways," she said. "Those who do needlework and woodwork are talented. Those who take creative photographs are talented. Those who grow vegetables and row crops are talented. Those who cook and preserve foods are talented. And, when people come to the fair and see what others are doing, they are often inspired to go home and do something themselves."

Entering the county fair also offers opportunities to win ribbons and prize money.

"It’s not a lot of money but money is not the reason people enter," Powell said. "It’s that blue ribbon that brings the greatest amount of satisfaction. "

The exhibits are a popular part of each county fair and many people come to the fair to enjoy the exhibits, the entertainment, the food and the fellowship.

"It’s not too late to enter the county fair," Powell said. "Who knows, that bottle of pepper sauce in your pantry, that photography of your grandbaby or the basket of sweet potatoes on your back porch might just be blue ribbon winners if only they were entered."

Entries may by registered from 1 until 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Pike County Fairgrounds. All entries will be returned.

"We encourage everyone to make the small effort that it takes to be a participant in the Pike County Fair this year," Powell said. "It’s a once-a-year opportunity. Let’s take advantage of it."