Officers dodge bullet during drug raid

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Staff Writer

Aug. 28, 2000 10 PM

Some local law enforcement officers are counting their blessings after dodging a bullet last week.

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At approximately 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 24, officers from the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, Troy Police Department and the 12th Judicial Drug Task Force were executing a search warrant when a shot was fired at them.

Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas said the warrant was issued for the residence of Joe McClure on the McClure Town Road, just off Needmore Road in Troy.

As officers entered the residence, they announced who they were and that they had a search warrant in hand.

At that moment, McClure reportedly went to the doorway of a bedroom and fired one shot into the hallway at the investigators heading in his direction.

McClure, 62, of Troy was apprehended without incident or injury to anyone, Thomas said.

It was "experience and good judgment of these law enforcement officers made the difference in a life a death situation," Thomas said.

"The outcome could have been very tragic," Thomas said.

"This is just one example that a law enforcement never knows what he might encounter. I appreciate the hard work and dedication given by them daily."

Troy Police Chief Anthony Everage echoed Thomas’ comments.

He also said his officers will continue to train on the dangers of the job and how to protect themselves in the event something, like this, does happen.

During the search, investigators recovered 16 grams of crack cocaine valued at $2,000, two ounces of marijuana valued at $300, other drug paraphernalia and the 38-caliber handgun allegedly fired by McClure during the execution of the search warrant.

McClure has been charged with attempted murder, possession of cocaine, first degree and possession of marijuana, firt degree. His bonds total $283,000.

Everage said the case is an example of "the continued effort by the 12 Judicial Drug Task Force to combat the drug problem in Troy and Pike County.

"There has been an increase in illegal drug use and we’re committed to use every possible resource to fight this problem," Everage said.