Michael Vick is the Jordan of college football

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 28, 2000

Sports Editor

I had just sat down on Sunday night to ready myself for a display unequalled in college football.

And I was treated to a very good show, however it wasn’t the one I’d been waiting most of the day for.

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Lighting bolts and thunder caused the season opening game between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech to be cancelled Sunday night. With the cancellation of the game, no one got a chance to see the player they’d

all came to watch.

Michael Vick has redefined what a college quarterback is.

And although the lighting was nice and pretty spectacular, it was kind of boring considering it’s been around since the earth has.

A player like Michael Vick comes along just once in awhile.

Vick showed he could do it all last season. He passed, he ran and he made opposing collegiate defenses look like their schemes had been drawn up on a sandlot football field. He was a running back playing quarterback with an arm like Marino’s.

The amazing thing was that Vick’s best game came against Florida State.

In the Sugar Bowl.

For the national title.

These are not the type of situations that everyday redshirt freshmen quarterbacks find themselves in.

But through it all, Vick was amazing. After FSU had jumped up to a big first half lead, Vick brought Tech back.

Paraphrasing the Beastie Boys, "he did it like this, he did it like that, he did it with a fat target on his back," which is exactly what the ‘Noles defense tried to do. They attempted to zero in on Michael Vick and he still made them look like a squad of uncoordinated school children playing two-hand touch on the play ground.

Florida State won the game and the title, but everyone in the Superdome and watching TV came away Michael Vick fans.

The big question now is what does Vick do for an encore?

Like a sequel to a good movie, Vick might be a bust. He could suffer from the dreaded "sophomore jinx."

But my money’s on Vick.

Granted with the nine players missing from last season’s Hokie defense, Virginia Tech won’t make it to the Orange Bowl. But almost the entire offense returns making Vick’s job that much easier. Plus he’s got a year of experience under his belt.

Enjoy Michael Vick while you can Blacksburg. Next season he’ll belong to the NFL.