CHHS students get ‘real world’ tips

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 13, 2000

Staff Writer

July 15, 2000 11 PM

Some Charles Henderson High School students are getting one step ahead of their counterparts.

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On Friday, they got tips on how to apply and interview for a job.

Their teacher for part of the day, Dennis Hagler knows what it takes to get a job because he’s often in the position to hire young people.

Hagler is the district manager for Taco Bell and oversees six sites, including the one in Troy.

He said it’s important to make a good first impression and the best way to do so is fill out an application neatly since that’s the first thing an employer will see.

"An application sells (or doesn’t sell) a person to me," Hagler said.

"You want to fill out an application 100 percent," he said as another tip, adding it’s also important to put a phone number, where you can be contacted, on the application and "make sure you put down when you can start."

An employer will take into consideration a lot of things ­ job experience, references ­ before even calling an individual for an interview.

"We do call references," Hagler said.

When asked by a student how long a potential reference should know her, Hagler replied, "six months.

"The first thing I look at is how long they’ve known you," Hagler said.

In addition to the importance of a neat, accurate application, Hagler also touched on how to be effective during an interview, education background and workplace compatibility.

Students taught by Darlene Jennings, Mitzi Woodall and Glenda Kelly, all participated in the discussion.

They were quick to make recommendations for a successful interview.

Some of their suggestions included being prepared, dressing appropriately, being on time and offering a word of thanks for the interview.

"One important thing you can do is visit the location before the interview," Hagler said.

An on-site, pre-interview visit shows interest and gives an individual better understanding of what the job involves, Hagler said.

He also suggested keeping a "good job span," which means it’s best to go right from one job into another instead of having time between jobs.

When he interviews a person who is still in high school, Hagler works with the person to set the right schedule for him or her.

"I want you to finish your school activities and your homework," Hagler said. "I don’t want work to interfere in school."

Hagler said the most important thing about entering the workforce is having a positive attitude.

"Your attitude in the workplace means a lot," Hagler said.