Jackson on a mission

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 10, 2000

to promote Pike County


Staff Writer

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Sheila Jackson is proud to welcome anyone and everyone to her home of Pike County.

"I’m thankful to live in a county that’s a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family," the Troy native said.

Jackson has spent her entire life living here and has no plans to leave anytime soon because it’s home.

"I take pride in telling anyone I’m from Pike County," said Jackson, director of public relations and tourism for the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and the city of Troy. "I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else in the world."

Jackson is on a mission to tell the world about Pike County.

"There are so many things here we should all be proud of," she said. "Sometimes we take them for granted, I want everyone who is a resident of Pike County to realize the treasures here, and I want them to join me in going out and telling people just how special Pike County is."

She said many things make Pike County special.

"It’s not too big and everybody tries to look out for each other," Jackson said of some reasons she enjoys living here.

Some women may not like running into their neighbors every time they run into the store, especially on those "bad hair" days, but not Jackson.

She likes always running into a friend wherever she may roam.

"Also, it’s a quiet place where the community comes together for a lot of different things, such as Relay for Life and the Heart Walk."

It is that spirit of community, she believes, that lures so many people here and keeps them here.

"It makes a difference to see everybody come together for a common cause," Jackson said.

"I love where I live and work," said the well-known woman who shares time between the Chamber and city of Troy.

Not only is Jackson a familiar face in Pike County – she is a familiar voice. Jackson is well-know for singing the National Anthem at events in Troy and Pike County, and is never shy behind the microphone. She is also a member of the trio Perfect Harmony along with friends, Kathy Ryals and Christine Barron.

Her affection for this community has worn off on her husband, Kevin, too. He may be from Montgomery, but he considers Pike County "home," just like his wife and two children, Haley, 14, and Patrick, 4.