Alabama Virtual Library

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 6, 2000

cards can be obtained at TPL


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Students, who need to do research for term papers, and other individuals, who have inquiring minds, now can have remote access to a variety of resources at their fingertips at home or at the office.

The access is made possible through the Alabama Virtual Library coded card, which is available to Troy Public Library patrons who have a current library card and are in good standing with the library, said Abbie Reid, assistant Reference and Information Services librarian.

"The Alabama Virtual Library card gives remote access for home or office use outside the public library," said Reid. "You can only get the card at a public library in Alabama."

Reid said the card gives access to a collection of databases including periodicals, books and poetry, along with many other reference sources.

"You can get transcripts from television programs like "48 Hours" and the news," Reid said." "You can also get transcripts from radio station’s topic of the day. There is an index to more than 3,000 selected magazines, journals and periodicals."

Along with periodical sources there are on-line encyclopedias. Reid said some of the best are Grolier’s, Sirs and Britannica.

"There are also fantastic reference books and medical information," Reid said.

Even though the remote access provided by the virtual library is a useful tool when obtaining research, Reid said it was no replacement for the library itself.

"There is never a substitute for the library," she said. "And the virtual library shouldn’t keep children out of the library. It is a quick way to get information, but children still need books, and to come to the library for other skills they need."

The virtual library is funded by the State of Alabama, and the remote access is offered as an extension of the Alabama Virtual Library originally planned for library use only. It may still be utilized at the Troy Public Library, as well as from remote sites.

To get a Alabama Virtual Library card visit the Troy Public Library and bring an active library card and register for a personal access code. Once patrons receive the personal access code they can begin accessing the databases immediately.