Used oil collection site opens in Brundidge

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 28, 2000

Features Editor

July 27, 2000 10 PM

A used oil collection tank is now in service in Brundidge. The tank provides for the safe disposal of motor oil and also puts the oil back into use instead of into the ground water supply.

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The Wiregrass Resource Conservation and Development partnered with the city of Brundidge, the Pike County Commission and the Pike County Soil and Water Conservation District to make the project a reality.

Residents may pour used oil into the 500-gallon tank with no charge for the service. The oil is then transported to a recycling site.

The project was implemented to try and maintain a healthy environment, said Doug Ward, Wiregrass Resource Conservation and Development Council coordinator. "For years, people have been pouring used oil on the ground. That oil has been seeping into our ground water and into our streams and ponds. It pollutes the ground water, which we depend on for drinking, and the surface water. By recycling used oil, we can help keep chemicals out of our water supply."

Ward said by making it easy and convenient for residents to properly dispose of used oil a nonrenewable natural resource will be recycled.

"Used oil can be refined and reused and we are saving a valuable natural resource," he said. "Recycled oil is oil that has been cleaned

for reuse and, even though you might not want to put it in your Cadillac, it is a good oil for farm, heavy-duty and

lawn and garden equipment. And, it’s not as expensive."

Troy and Ozark already have used oil tanks and they have proven to be very popular in both cities.

"We expect the tank in Brundidge to be heavily used, too," Ward said.

The tanks in Troy and Ozark were purchased from ROSE (Recycled Oil Saves Energy) and are igloo -type receptacles. However, Brundidge opted to construct its on tank as a cost saving measure.

"It’s going to work real well," Ward said. "It’s a big tank and it has a wide opening for easy pouring. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management requires that the tanks have a collection basin around them in case of a spillage emergency. The basin for the Brundidge tank will contain 500 gallons. A spout has been installed in the basin so the oil could be drawn out if there is ever a spillage, which is very unlikely."

Residents may also dispose of cans that contained antifreeze, paint thinner, gasoline or cleaning fluids at the used oil collection site.

"The cans are to be placed beside the tank, not in it," Ward said. "This site will be a valuable asset to the Brundidge community. Residents will have a place where they can safely dispose of used oil and hazardous chemical containers so that the environment may be better protected."

In addition to the financial support of the Wiregrass RC&D Council, the Pike County Commission contributed $150 for the painting of the tank and the Pike County Soil and Water Conservation District contributed $325 for the signs and miscellaneous in-kind services. The city of Brundidge supplied in-kind services including the basin wall and lettering on the tank. The total cost of project was $1,365.97.