Lunsford announces candidacy for mayor

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 13, 2000

Managing Editor

July 12, 2000 10 PM

Troy Mayor Jimmy C. Lunsford believes the city of Troy has accomplished some great things, but the extent of his vision has not been realized and he wants to serve another term.

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"I have enjoyed my service on the city commission and as mayor of Troy," Lunsford said. "I believe the reason the city has been so progressive is because of the relationship of the city council and mayor. For that reason, I have decided to seek another term in office."

Lunsford is now in his 18th year of service to the city. He originally took office as a city councilman in 1982 and served a short term from 1985-88 when the city changed to the mayor-council form of government. He has served consecutive mayoral terms since 1988.

Bringing his experience with city government and his background in industrial and commercial development with him, Lunsford feels that the city is poised to accomplish great things based on past successes.

"I am most proud of the diversification we have brought in our industrial and commercial sectors," Lunsford said. "We have seen remarkable growth and tremendous economic diversification, which is something that is very important. We do not want our economic base to be dependent on any single type of business or industry."

Before coming to work in City Hall, Lunsford learned the ropes of economic development while working for the Alabama Development Office, where he made connections and learned skills and ideas that have served him to this day.

"Because of that experience, I was able to get to know a great number of people who we continue to be in contact with today," he said. "It was valuable for me and has proven to be good for the city as well."

Looking to the future, Lunsford says he is dedicated to several projects that began in his current term and he wants to be in office to help drive their completion.

"Among the ongoing projects I think are vastly important to the community are the downtown sidewalk and parking project, the cultural arts center, the Highway 231 Bypass lighting project and continued growth of our recreation facilities," Lunsford said. "These are some of the things I think are important to the city for the next term of office."

Lunsford also believes the cooperation of the city is vital in education as local school systems begin to implement stronger school-to-career and academy programs to help prepare students for their futures.

"These are outstanding programs that will help our children with any of the three paths they choose," Lunsford said. "Whether they choose to attend college, enter a vocational program or go to work out of high school, these programs will help them prepare for a future by giving them basic skills they can use."

Lunsford thinks support of municipal government is vital to the success of the programs and he said he plans to continue to be involved and active in working with organizers and community business leaders to promote the programs.

And as the new century has dawned, Lunsford said, some real challenges also face the city, including energy de-regulation. The city is dependent on its electrical system for revenue to help fund services and is one of the few municipal electric systems in the state.

Because of his background in dealing with energy de-regulation, Lunsford feels he can bring experience to the effort to help the city handle the change.

"While serving as president of the Southeast Alabama Gas District, I had experience with de-regulation," he said. "I want to be there to help try to resolve any of the issues de-regulation brings to the city."

One thing Lunsford said he plans to keep in mind as the city moves forward is image.

"Image is important to me," he said. "I think it is vital to our city’s growth that we always project a positive and professional image. If elected to serve another term, I plan to do continue to work hard to project that image."

Lunsford is married to the former Faye Stevens. They have two children who are grown and who have made Troy their home.