Street Talk: Gas prices hammer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 5, 2000

local residents’ plans


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July 4, 2000 10 PM

People in Troy don’t seem to be going anywhere much these days due to rising gas prices.

They are content to just stay around the house and entertain close to home.

David Keeny of Troy hasn’t made any vacation plans to be affected anyway.

"I haven’t made any plans to go on vacation really, I plan to just stay at home and keep off the highway as much as I can."

And he’s not alone in this decision.

Deanna Canty of Troy agrees that gas prices are too high these days.

"I’m not going to as many places as I would ordinarily because of the gas prices," Canty said. "They are getting out of hand, I’m sticking close to home and only going swimming and making short trips to Dothan to visit my family."

If gas prices don’t stop climbing, more people will undoubtedly stay at home more and more.

And, this appears to be especially true now that the Fourth has rolled around for another year.

Most people say they are just going to stay around Troy and celebrate the holiday at home.

Besides most people say they don’t have the money to go long distances to visit anyone,

unless, perhaps, they have friends to help with the gas like Dana Hudson of Troy.

"I don’t go anywhere in my car much," Hudson said. "It drinks gas and I need my friends to help me get around."

"I tag along with them when they go to Panama City, but other than there, I don’t go much."

James Canty of Troy is another disgruntled homesteader.

"Yes, I have changed my plans because of the gas prices and I don’t like it very much," Canty said. "I don’t drive as much as I used to and I try to keep at least a half tank full of gas at all times. About the only place I will be going is to the beach and no further. I plan to stay close to home as much as I can."

Although it seems that most people will stay home this summer, there is inevitably someone that says rising gas prices will have no effect on their vacation plans in the least. Garrett Brown is one.

He says that gas prices don’t bother him.

"About the only time gas prices effect me is when I’m car-pooling, then I have my friends to help out with the gas," Brown said. "But usually my vacation plans are only effected by the amount of money in my pocket, the amount of time to go somewhere and my eagerness to go."

Gas prices at most local stations have climed beyond $1.50 per gallon and there are no signs of falling prices with demand high and availability less than plentiful.