Tennis courts off limits until official opening

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Staff Writer

Attention residents of Troy – keep off the tennis courts – at least until the official opening day.

Apparently, many residents of Troy are very excited about the new tennis complex opening up on Elm Street. So excited, that many people have begun playing on the courts before they have officially been opened, which could lead to some problems for the city of Troy, Troy State University and Troy City Schools,

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all of whom built the new tennis complex as part of a joint venture.

Dan Smith, director of Troy City Parks and Recreation, said the tennis courts still need some finishing touches.

"The last bit of construction will be carried out this week and an inspection will be carried out at the end of the week," Smith said. "Until this inspection is held, the contractor can’t turn the courts over to the city, the university and the school system."

Smith said people need to stay off the courts until they have been approved by the contractor.

"I know that it is tempting for people to go out there and play and I’m sure no harm was meant by it," Smith said.

If something on the courts were to become damaged before the courts are approved, the contractor would not have to repair the damage.

"If the nets were put up properly, and someone tears it up, the contractor would not have to fix it," Smith said.

He said it would be even worse if someone were to be injured on the courts because the insurance has not been set up, yet.

Smith said he feels like there has been a misunderstanding and the public thinks the courts are open already. Fences will eventually be put up around the facility, but for now the courts are wide open, allowing anyone to just walk up and start playing, even though they are not supposed to.

Smith said the courts will be opened up in early July. Meetings will be held soon to establish an official grand opening day for the courts.

One factor holding up the opening is the departure of TSU tennis coach Chad Hebert.

A new tennis coach at TSU is on the way and the opening day will be scheduled so the new tennis coach can be present at the ceremony.

Once open, the courts will have set hours of use in which it will be open to the public.