Troy BOE approves budget increase

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 19, 2000

Staff Writer

The Troy City Board of Education approved a budget amendment, which will add $597,325 to the budget, during its meeting yesterday.

"This increase comes from money that was not available to us when the budget was originally planned," Superintendent Hank Jones said.

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The money comes from several sources. Troy City Schools applied for and received two grants, one for $43,200 and another for $14,778. Troy City schools also received $442,832 to cover the cost of hiring new teachers, due to an increase in students.

Troy City schools were also reimbursed $97,515 from the state for loaning two teachers to the State Department of Education.

But, Jones said the schools still are not in as a good a financial situation as they could be.

"I think we look like we are in better shape than we actually are," Jones said.

There was a 16 percent increase in utilities cost for Troy City Schools, as well as a decrease in sales tax revenue. This is the fourth month that sales taxes have been down.

"We hope this trend does not continue," Jones said.

The board also approved the resignation of Charles Henderson Middle School sixth grade teacher Ramine Ettefagh, who will be relocating to North Carolina.

The board also agreed to loan Troy Elementary School teacher Peb Boothe to the State Department of Education for the 2001-2002 school year, where she will be working with at-risk schools.

Two new CHMS teachers were hired. Natalie Ferraro was hired to teach seventh and eighth grade, and Donna McGowin to teach sixth grade.

Six new TES teachers were hired: Michelle Claybrook, Tiffany Davis, Mary Flowers, Caroline Linton, Vicki Robinson and Angela Sermons.

In other business the board approved:

·The GAMC policy regulating tobacco use among employees.

·Appointed Nancy Richburg as Secretary Bookkeeper for the Troy Pike Center for Technology effective Oct. 1.

·Appointed Joyce Deveridge the custodian of funds.

·Awarded the pest extermination contract to lowest-bidder Meeks Pest Service.

The Board also announced a public meeting that will be held prior to the July 16 BOE meeting at 4:30 p.m.

Board members Bobby Cox and Douglas Patterson did not attend the meeting.