Dixie Minor names Tournament Teams

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Sports Editor

The Troy Park and Recreation Dixie Minor Youth Baseball squads have reached a decision on who will be representing them come Tournament time.

Splitting the 12-team league into American League and National League Tournament Teams, the coaches from each six-team league have met and named their teams. Robert Hawkins, head coach of the Mariners who won the overall Dixie Minor title, will be coaching the American League team and Reds’ head coach Ronald Wade coaching the National League.

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Ashley Ford of the Twins and Chris Sanders of the White Sox will be assistant coaches for the American League team while Dodgers head coach Freddie Teal and Gene Smith of the Cubs will round out the National League coaching roster.

The Mariners and Cubs placed the most players on their respective teams this year, both placing four apiece.

The only other team with more than two individual players on a given team will be the Braves who put three on the National League roster. The Dodgers and Cardinals both put two on the same roster while the Padres and Reds added one apiece.

The White Sox, Angels, Athletics and Twins all had a pair of players named while The Rangers added one to the American League roster.

American League members are: Aaron Allen (Angels), Clifton Brady (Mariners), C.C. Faulkner (Athletics), Bradley Floyd (Twins), Rickey Goodwin (Mariners), Douglas Hawkins (Mariners), Sam Jones (Mariners), Andrew Mills (Rangers), Parker Sanders (Athletics), Brooke Sessions (Angels), Aaron Simmons (Twins), Marese Thomas (White Sox) and Ryan Williamson (White Sox).

National League members are: Alex Adams (Dodgers), Brandon Bundy (Braves), Jace Colley (Cardinals), Justin Henderson (Cubs), Steve Kyle (Padres), Adam Seen (Braves), Dustin Smith (Cubs), Jake Smith (Cubs), Drew Vaughn (Cubs), Jonathan Wade (Reds), Casey Weston (Cardinals) and David Williams (Braves).

Congratulations to all these players and good luck in the coming months!