Are you in favor of the death penalty?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Staff Writer

Following the Monday morning execution of Timothy McVeigh, opinions on the death penalty have become stronger than ever – even here in Pike County.

"Death was too good for (McVeigh)," James Wood of Troy said. "I’m definitely in support of the death penalty."

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Belinda Catrell of Troy agrees that McVeigh’s punishment fit his crime.

"I think it was fair punishment because of what he did," Catrell said. "In fact I think he got off easy. I think that the death penalty is necessary because in the case of serious crimes it’s the only way."

Lamont Herrington of Troy said he has mixed emotions about the death penalty.

"I understand the death penalty is a way for us to have leverage over criminals," Herrington said, "But being a minister I know that the Bible gives both aspects of the death penalty. In the Old Testament it condones it, but in the New Testament it encourages us to find a better way."

Louis Johnson of Troy said he feels the death penalty can be an affective deterrent against crime.

"If it is used properly it is a deterrent," Johnson said. "When there are so many appeals that slow down the process it loses it’s affect, but when it is carried out properly it can be a deterrent."

Leanne Halford said life imprisonment is too costly for taxpayers, therefore, she agrees with the death penalty.

"We don’t have the money or the facilities to house each inmate for life," Halford said. "I’m completely for the death penalty."