Students take trip to nation’s capital

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 6, 2000


Staff writers

June 5, 2000 11 PM

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Students from local schools are getting a chance to tour the nation’s capital and other national landmarks on a trip sponsored by the Wal-Mart Foundation.

Students worked all year raising money for the trip, and the Wal-Mart Foundation matched the students funds dollar per doller.

"The children gained the majority of their money selling pizzas and doughnuts, plus they had a car wash," said

Kathy Lee Forbish, the history teacher at Banks Middle School and one of the four chaperones. "That is how they raised money to visit Washington D.C."

The 39 students, four parents and four teachers from Banks Middle School, PCHS and GHS will spend all day Monday on the bus travelling to the capital city.

On Tuesday, the students will visit Arlington Cemetery and Forbes Theater. They will also visit the National Archives, Jefferson Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial.


Wednesday the students will tour the White House, will have a photo session with Jeff Sessions, visit the U.S. Supreme Court Capital building and the National Air and Space museum. They will also visit the Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.

On Thursday the students will get a chance to see Washington National Zoo and the Smithsonian Institute.

"I’m looking forward to this trip, where I can be with my friends, while we’re learning about our nations history," said Heather West of Goshen High School. "I’m very excited about it."

"The main purpose of the trip is for students to get first-hand experience with some of the things they were learning in the history class," said Forbish.

Almost all of the students participating are the members of the Gifted Education Club.

"It’s a real honor to be on this trip to see what Washington D.C. is all about," said Casey

East, who is enrolled in a Gifted Education Club at Banks Middle School.

This trip has been held only once before in the history of these schools, and the students are proud to be a part of the second trip.

"Seeing Washington D.C. will have a great impact on these children," Forbish said. "It’s going to be a challenge it is always good for students, and of course, they will enjoy the trip."

Students will be back on Friday with a variety of memories, knowledge and experience.


visiting all these interesting and historical places, everyone will be tired and ready to come home," said Forbish. "The students will be exhausted by then. We hope to leave there by 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon and get back into town Friday evening at 8 p.m."